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United States
I am thor eh and I like to draw fiery stuff. I will probaly submit terribly art for awhile so eh.

Current Residence: arkansas
Favourite genre of music: Anything
Favourite photographer: Meshia
Favourite style of art: All kinds
MP3 player of choice: IPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: V mask
Favourite cartoon character: Megaman
Personal Quote: Veni Vidi Vici
Username: DDThor
Name: Roy Telsa Eden
Race: Human
Orginzation: Spectre
Class: Vanguard
Abilities: Biotic Charge, Shockwave, Throw
Description: Average height 6'1. Caucasian but lightly tanned, light complexion. Dark Brown hair, not much for appearance so just likes to flatten his hair instead of trying to comb it or something. Brown-Green eyes, has upgrade built into them that allows him to comprehend the actions and reactions of people and things around him. His armor is classicly Heavy Explorer IX but shaded grey and dark blue to match suit his likes.
Bio: Below
Weapons: A M-22 Eviscerator and A M-12 Locust, Back-up Hand Cannon Pistol
Other: Has VI built into his armor and helmet, uses it for hacking when he has too. Named it after his family name, ED-I or Edi. He has zero skill with hacking so likes to use ED-I. Her personality is modeled after a certain Quarian he knew.

Working on his story

Roy was born on a slightly new human colony on Arcadia in the Utopia system. It was a good life, he learned at a early age that only hard work and a little luck would get you the good things in life. So he trained and worked, earning credits as a worker sometimes and a body guard other times. He had saved up some credits but nearly enough to get a ride to a new place. But then his luck changed when a small quarian ship that had come to his colony looking for anything worthy of thier pilgrimage. The three quarians didnt find anything so they were planning to leave pretty fast. With a few extra credits Roy convinced them to give him a ride through the stars till they got tired of him. He traveled with them for awhile and got to know the group really well, especially a female quarian named Luna. After he was ditced because of certain reasons he ended up on a mercenary rat hole. One thing led to another and he rose in thier ranks. He worked as a body guard again and was only a hired gun for people who Roy knew were not corrupted. After he had attracted certain attention he was transfered to be a private guard for a medical clinic and was made chief of security. Unforunatly he was not filled in that the medical team was doing a secert project for the council
  • Listening to: I love the Way you Lie
  • Reading: I am Number Three
  • Watching: NCIS
  • Playing: Mass Effect
  • Eating: marshmellows
  • Drinking: Yoohoo


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